Fast Facts

  • 175,000 square foot manufacturing facility.
  • Experienced in quality canopy designs since 1961.
  • The McGee team takes pride in the cleanliness of our facility.
  • McGee Corporation delivers canopies all over the United States on McGee-owned trucks.
  • 450+ active customers.
  • 95% of McGee Corporation’s business is built through relationships and service.
  • Average tenure of McGee employees is 12 years.
  • Our commitment to safety has earned us a worker’s comp experience rating of .67. Ratings of less than 1.00 better position an organization to receive insurance credits.
  • Our commitment to quality has earned us long-term customers.


McGee designers and engineers offer design-to-build engineering services with our 3D modeling software featuring a wide network of technical applications that are directly linked to computerized manufacturing systems for production. Our team works with our customer to  design a canopy that looks great, installs properly, and performs well for many years.  


Our engineering and fabrication capabilities are supported by a full-scale Research & Development department that provides our customers with the best products and services to meet their ever-changing market demands.


Our craftsmen take pride of ownership with their work. With decades of experience, there is no project too big or too small for our McGee team.



McGee has a full fleet of trucks, cranes, and customized trailers. Our trucks are available seven days a week at any time to meet tight production deadlines. To ensure that our trucks will be ready to go, McGee maintains a complete diesel maintenance department with certified on –staff mechanics. 


On average, we load and deliver over 20 truckloads per week at locations all across the US. By owning our trucks, we not only control the quality of our trucks and drivers, but we control the cost of freight and delivery time.


For us, it isn’t just about providing unparalleled design or quality manufacturing, we also want to see the end result. Our installation team coordinates seamlessly between engineering and manufacturing to make sure every canopy is to specification. Once onsite, installation is completed by experienced installation personnel with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into the manufacturing process.