Todd McGee

President Operations

Direct: 704-893-3706

Cell: 980-721-1904


Meet Todd McGee. Todd is the President of Operations for McGee Corporation. Todd describes his early experiences in the company as having exposure to almost every work area within the company. His father, Richard McGee, wanted him to obtain a lot of knowledge about the company at a young age. Todd recalls sweeping the facility, ordering parts, packing materials for delivery, and assembling outriggers as some of his earliest job responsibilities.


As Todd grew with the company, he gained knowledge in many areas. He quickly had the opportunity to learn much about McGee equipment and work processes. Todd recently remarked about one regret, that he never actually learned to weld.   

Todd officially joined the company in May of 1992 after graduating from Wingate University with a degree in Business Management. His education did not stop there, however. A fun fact about Todd is that he became a General Contractor in 1998. Today, he is a licensed General Contractor in 24 states.    


Today, Todd oversees the company’s Operations. He leads Estimating, Engineering/CAD, Procurement, Construction, Project Management, Human Resources, and Safety.   


When asked what he enjoys most about his role, Todd loves seeing things come together and has a sincere passion for the construction side of the business. He enjoys seeing an initial drawing on a piece of paper and going through the process of seeing a finished canopy project.  


If you get the chance to personally meet Todd, you will quickly learn that he loves his family time. He also enjoys sporting clays, playing golf, and hanging out at the family farm.