Kevin McGee

President Sales

Direct: 704-893-3709

Cell: 980-721-1902


Meet Kevin McGee. Kevin is the President of Sales for McGee Corporation. At the young age of 12, Kevin had the experience of learning much about the family business. He recalls one of his first job assignments as being asked to dump screws into a big 5-gallon bucket to be separated. Since he was too young to work near the facility equipment, Kevin jumped in and assisted in many areas where he could safely provide support. In his early beginnings, Kevin earned two dollars an hour which was paid to him from the company’s petty cash. 


As Kevin got older, he had opportunities throughout the years to be exposed to various McGee machinery, equipment, and the loading of McGee trucks.

On a Saturday in May of 1989, when he graduated from Wingate University with a degree in Business Administration, he was ready to go right to work on the following Monday. 


Kevin describes his early work experiences as the foundation for forming his leadership style that exists today. His humble beginnings, paired with the opportunity for him to jump in and take on anything that was asked of him, places him in a unique position to lead by example and with a humble approach.


Today, Kevin oversees the company’s Sales division and Fleet Management division. He loves receiving a customer order and describes the experience as exciting every time. In fact, Kevin states that after 30 years, that part of the business never gets old. 


Kevin has many passions. He enjoys McGee equipment and McGee trucks. Another fun fact about Kevin is that he has his CDL’s. Don’t be surprised to see him driving a McGee Truck and delivering a load to a jobsite. 


When not at work, Kevin most enjoys time with his loving family, working at the family farm, spending time with his woodworking hobby, and playing a round of golf.